#LDF highlights



Not technically part of LDF but I was very excited to find thermochomic yarns being used in Storm Islands Ice Knit jumper, the pride of place in their window on Brewer Street London.


Breathing colour by Hella Jongerius in The Design Museum. This exhibition explores the potential of colour and how it changes with shape, texture and light.


The ethos of an exhibition about California and how design, diversity, decisions and beliefs have changed the world we live in.

MAKE what you want
FOLLOW who you want
Do what you want
Love who you want


Part of the #LDF this little robot was making cocktails! The cocktail was then mixed by the vibration of a speaker. The sound from the speaker was triggered by the robot hitting a metal or glass lampshade. This piece was inspired by Delia Derbyshire creator of the Dr. Who theme tune who recorded a sound in the 60’s made by hitting a ‘tatty green BBC lampshade’.

My most beautiful sound at the time was a tatty green BBC lampshade. It was the wrong colour, but it had a beautiful ringing sound to it. I hit the lampshade, recorded that, faded it up into the ringing part without the percussive start. I analysed the sound into all of its partials and frequencies, and took the 12 strongest, and reconstructed the sound on the workshop’s famous 12 oscillators to give a whooshing sound.’ – Delia Derbyshire – creator of the theme music to Dr Who.

More information here: http://www.effectrode.com/echorec-3/delia-derbyshire/


Reflection room by Flynn Talbot in thePrince Consort Gallery at the V&A – http://www.londondesignfestival.com/events/reflection-room


Possibly my favourite part of the whole #LDF was the air purifying ‘Exhale chandelier’ by Julian Melchiorri. More info here: http://www.homesandproperty.co.uk/luxury/interiors/design/bionic-chandelier-at-va-museum-will-use-living-algae-to-purify-the-air-as-part-of-london-design-a113456.html

The chandelier’s 70 transparent “petals” in three sizes contain green algae harvested in Melchiorri’s workshop at Imperial College. These micro organisms, activated by a mix of daylight and LEDs and sustained by a drip-feed of nutrients, take carbon dioxide out of the air and put it back again as oxygen. This is a large air-purifier, powered by nature.


I also enjoyed a visit to the Pink Floyd- mortal memory exhibition at the V&A, having heard lots of Pink Floyd songs but not knowing much about their music I was excited to hear about their ‘Sonic Inventions’ and creative use of instruments. Their audience-driven approach saw them pioneer concerts that were not just about watching famous musicians play on stage but about creating an experience for their fans through theatrical props, laser light shows and flying pigs!


Midway through my trip when I needed some headspace I headed for Camille Walala’s bouncy Villa Walala right next to Liverpool Street station. Here I planned my first ever university teaching presentation on smart materials! (I gave this talk when I returned from London to DJCAD 3rd years)


CLIPTOMANIA in my new favourite stationary shop (that I have been following on Instagram for ages) – Present and Correct


I fell in love with Ruby Parkers work at Creative Unions near Kings Cross at Central Saint Martins. Ruby deconstructs household waste and turns it into luxury fashion items.

All in all a very busy and productive London trip, looking forward to next years LDF!


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