Lois Walpole

Inspired by Lois Walpole’s exhibition at An Lanntair one of the first things mum and I did when we arrived on Lewis was to take a trip to the beach to gather some material…






I then attended a talk by Lois at An Lanntair who described her relationship with material and sense of homecoming portrayed in her exhibition. A combination of techniques native to Shetland (where her Grandmother was from and where she now lives) such as kishie baskets and found materials from the beaches ditched or lost at sea that wash up on the shore such as the plastic ropes, buoys, floats and fish crates. Family and Identity are very routed within Lois’s work as well as the drive to use free found materials that she calls ‘treasures’ otherwise thought of as waste.

Lois is also keen to share her love of using found materials along with traditions and inspire others to give it a go.

The main thing mum and I needed to know was how to clean the materials we had found so they didn’t stink out the van…. the answer; put them in a pillowcase and in the washing machine.

I have started to use some of the washed material in my textiles and have had a go at making a matt/bowl in the An Lanntair gallery space. To do so we first made rope from rope twisting it into a new length to work with. After the rope is at the desired length we then coil it then stitching it into place.




My favorite wall in the exhibition shows this range of baskets made from all sorts of interesting found items.

You can follow along with the photos from my trip here: lucyrobertsondesigns.flickr



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