Meet Bob, Myrtle and Archie…

Another inspiring day on the island…

On Monday we had a trip to a little island just off East Harris (Near Tarbet) called Scalpay to meet with locals who were interested in learning new crafts and sharing skills. Chris Hammacott a textile artist who lives on Lewis put together kits from worry mermaids to peter rabbit applique cushions for us to take. Mahiri Law brought along her chemicals to make cyanotypes and I got a shot off this great printing process that can be done with a UV light or just in outside in the sun!


Read more about our trip here:

In the afternoon we then went to visit Chris for a spinning lesson. Chris has a no-kill flock of sheep that she spins her own wool from. We had the pleasure of learning to spin with Bob and Myrtle. Part of the experience of spinning is the smell and the feel of lanolin on your hands, Bob did not smell as good as Myrtle.

This is Bob:


And this is Myrtle:


Chris started us off with a drop spindle and then we moved onto the spinning wheel. The spindle was easy to use but hard to master… I am still practicing on my very own one with Bob and Myrtle by my side.

The wheel is lovely to use, I am yet to master the technique but I am hooked on the idea of creating my own wool. The smell, feel and satisfaction you get from spinning was amazing, I can’t wait to create with the results.

We then met Archie Chris’ latest Ram – he is magnificent!


I am really enjoying learning the whole process right from the fiber and the making of the wool.

Keep track of my experience through images here: 









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