Penguin invasion Dundee!

I am very excited to say Jane from JanerDesigns (aka Mum) and I are part of the Maggies Penguin Parade our design was chosen to be one of the 80 penguins of the waddle (collective noun for penguin group!) by the panel and our sponsor Insights.

80 large penguins and a number of mini penguins are being decorated, embellished and transformed all over Scotland to be part of this amazing charity exhibition to raise funds for Maggies Dundee. More information here:

We can’t wait to show you our penguin when they are finished!

For now you can keep up to date with the penguin’s progress by following #PenguinInvasion, #MaggiesPenguinParade and #PenguinSneakPeek on Instagram and Twitter (@LucyRDesigns, @JanerDesigns, @Insights, @MaggiesPenguinParade)

Here is the first few sneak peeks from us…





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