DJCAD degree show 2019


Victoria Johannasanches                      Lauren Swan                       Alison MacLeod 

victoriajohannasanches_work IMG_2425 IMG_2424.jpeg


Milly Munday                                       Kate Morton         Denise Lafferty

millymunday_work IMG_2411.jpeg deniselafferty_work

Product Design // Digital Interaction Design // Graphic Design

Ryan Davren                Gregor Cowie                               Patrick Huges

Bean glasses gregorcowie_work patrickhughes_work

Fine Art

Hope Carolan                             Katherine Fay Allan                Saskia Singer

IMG_2488 IMG_2462.jpegsaskiasinger_work

Jacob Scott                               Toby Jackson                           Lynsey Chapman

IMG_2491.jpeg IMG_2481 IMG_2470

Textiles (in progress – still to have a proper look)

Emma Collins                                 


Six years since graduation, I still remember the feeling of the opening night and relief of university being finished. Every year I envy the graduates who have just finished 4 years of luxurious art and design study, yes an art/ design degree takes a lot of work and it is not for everyone, but for me, despite the hard moments I loved my degree and the freedom I was given to explore different thinking, practices, techniques and learn to fail/succeed.  This year at DJCAD, as usual, did not disappoint – some of my favourite pieces from this year above!




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