Uist Quadrilles & Dancing Memories

Loving the look of the work in Uist using dance and movement as inspiration and exploring their relative’s memories of Dance. Wish I could make the Ceilidh!

Cianalas An Lanntair

We had another lovely day with the children at Balivanich School yesterday. They were learning parts of the Traditional Uist Quadrilles (Part 5 and 6 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CZrFL3iuvU ) and then developing these to ‘free style’ some more contemporary versions and create visual patterns of the movement.

The children liked the energetic Part 5 (otherwise known as the ‘Galloping Horses’) where they have to gallop around the whole room.

The children had collected memories from their families about dance; “My Nana said that the twist was the greatest dance ever made and showed me how to do it. ” and “My Mum did Hip Hop and Tap”. We are collecting these memories and putting them together for our Afternoon Ceilidh on the 10th of March (2-4pm) at St Mary’s, Griminish. Please come along and add to the dancing memories!


We were drawing quadrille sets from a bird’s eye view to…

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